First Album Released!

After a long wait I am happy to release my first solo album! The album is called "Sketches". It is available for listening and download on Soundcloud and on my website. I am charging nothing, but I have a donation button on my website if you are so inclined. Your donations are greatly appreciated!


Many thanks to Marc Gilley for recording, mixing and mastering the album and Todd Muller for the use of the studio to record. Many thanks to Phil Snyder, Jason Solomon and Kyle Dawkins of the Georgia Guitar Quartet and Revien for their encouragement and support. Thanks to mom and dad for bringing me into this world and to my stepmom, stepdad and stepsis for their love and support and to my wonderful parents and brothers and sister in-law who have opened their hearts and accepted me as family. And last but never least, thanks to my amazing wife, Natalie, and my awesome daughters, Lorelei and Sylvia. This would not have been possible without you guys. I love you all to the moon and back!