Entering into Summer

Coming into summer with some good things happening! I will be continuing my residency at Hendershot's Coffee each month for the summer. This month I will be playing with my good friend Todd Mueller. Todd is the principal timpanist for the Asheville Symphony. I have played music with Todd for 20 years now. Our primary group has been the Odd Trio along with Marc Gilley. The show will be at Hendershot's Coffee on Wednesday, 6/14/2017 at 8:00pm. Come on out if you are in the area. If not, feel free to tune into the show via Facebook Live. It will be good times!

I have just commissioned a new piece from my friend Nicole Randall Chamberlain! The piece will be for music box and guitar. Nicole is primarily a flute composer, but is very familiar with the guitar world as her husband is a great guitarist and guitar composer to boot! I have wanted Nicole to write something for me for a while as I love her writing style and I love the textures she gets in her music. I was blown away by some pieces she wrote and built for music box. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to explore some new territory and work with Nicole on this cool idea. The piece will be in my hands in August and I will hopefully premiere it not too terribly long after that. Keep an ear out and I will make announcements.

Lastly, check the Live section for some new dates and concerts! Good times are afoot!